In April, Coca-Cola announced a new partnership with MLB to become its official soft drink partner. Since then, both parties have worked together to develop opportunities for fans to enjoy the new relationship both inside and outside the ballpark.

“We looked at the landscape and as we examined the soft-drink category, we found we were looking for two things in a partner,” said Noah Garden, executive vice president, business, Major League Baseball. “One is a brand that shares the same values as our brand... There’s baseball, apple pie and Coke – so that lines up very well.

Coca-Cola Official Partner of Major League Baseball
“The other is that we want partners who are focused on activating. And looking at what Coke has done locally with our clubs, they’ve done a good job of putting together some great programs which have resonated locally. It just made sense to do something to amplify it nationally.”

For more than a century, Coke has been connected to America’s pastime, with advertising featuring players that dates back to 1903. From Satchel Paige to Willie Mays, and more recently, David Ortiz to Joey Votto, Coke has helped celebrate the greatness of the game and its players.

Now, Coca-Cola will use MLB Advanced Media’s impressive slate of digital platforms, including, the At Bat and Ballpark mobile apps, MLB Network, and official club sites to offer a variety of deals, ticket upgrades, promotions and digital experiences to both fans nationally and at the 18 stadiums where Coke has pouring rights.

“There are a lot of synergies between our fans and Coke’s customers,” Garden said. “I think we’re hopeful that over the course of the partnership, we’re going to do a lot of great stuff together.”

While the results of the partnership are still in the planning stages, Garden says that the rollout will hopefully begin this summer, as MLB celebrates some of its best players during the All-Star Game in Miami and fans share an ice-cold Coke while watching games.

“We’re excited to partner with MLB at a time when the league has so much positive momentum on the field with a large group of exciting young players,” said Sandy Douglas, president, Coca-Cola North America. “There’s nothing more delicious than an ice-cold Coke with family and friends at the ballpark.”