BEIJING -- The world's largest beverage company and China’s top university, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (SEM), signed an agreement on March 31 to provide opportunities for Tsinghua students to broaden their international horizons through a global immersion program.

At an event to kick off the program, Ahmet Bozer, executive vice president of The Coca-Cola Company, shared his marketing insights with hundreds of students, emphasizing the need to "find and develop the very best talent."

"That's what this program with Tsinghua is about," Bozer said.

Qian Yingyi, dean of Tsinghua SEM, said the Coca-Cola 21st Century Marketing Program would involve student training, business knowledge dissemination, marketing research and faculty development.

"I believe this relationship will benefit both sides," Yingyi said.

Liu Zhao, a Tsinghua MBA student who will participate in the program, said, "I'm looking forward to visiting Coca-Cola's product line and distribution network in America to see and experience how the legend is made. It's a flat world, and we are going to compete in a global market after graduation. It's very important for us to learn by doing in the real international business environment. This program will provide exactly what we need."

China is the third-largest market for Coca-Cola, and has attracted more than $5 billion in investment from the company.