When the Opening Ceremony for the Beijing Olympics takes place on Friday, the world will be focused on what's called the "Bird's Nest" -- the National Stadium, host of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.


Before then, you’ll probably see pictures or footage of the Bird's Nest on the news. The stadium really does look like a bird's nest, and that is the basis for one of Coke's new Olympic commercials. The spot is called "Bird's Nest," but I didn't come up with the name!

The spot features animated birds (representing the five colors of the Olympic Rings) flying across the world, collecting drinking straws from bottles and glasses of Coke. The birds build a miniature replica of the Beijing Stadium from the straws and then watch the Opening Ceremony from their new home. I plan to watch the ceremony from my home as well!


The Games in Beijing mark the 80th anniversary of Coke's support for the Olympic Games.  I hope you'll check back to hear about more moments from past Games and what Coke's doing at these Olympics.