Invite Ten years ago today, The Coca-Cola Company announced a project to restore, catalog, digitize and donate all of our television advertising to the Library of Congress.  As you can see from the "Save the Date" notice that went out, it was quite an event and was hosted by the Librarian of Congress, Dr. James Billington and our then Chairman, Doug Daft. The reception at the Great Hall was amazing and included a video montage of some of the greatest Coca-Cola commercials over time.

Event While the announcement was a big news event, the ten years of work on the project have been even more rewarding.  To date, The Coca-Cola Company has restored and donated over 27,000 television commercials, nearly 5,000 radio ads and over 2,000 print ads. All of these ads are available for research purposes at the Library of Congress.  The donation forms the single largest collection of advertising at any library in the world.

We also worked with the Library of Congress to develop a page on their American Memory Project on Coca-Cola advertising and to write the definitive history of the Hilltop Commercial

Ten years later, the Archives and the Library of Congress have a very strong partnership and I look forward to our next decade together.  To all the teams that have worked on this project with us over the years, thanks for your efforts.