Chef Zane Holmquist believes that food, and the Olympic Games, both bring people together and encourages understanding of other cultures.

In recognition of this unifying power, Coca-Cola and Holmquist, VP of food and beverage and corporate chef at Stein Eriksen Lodge, joined forces to create “Taste of The Olympic Winter Games,” an evening of food in Park City, Utah celebrating the 90-year partnership between Coca-Cola and the Olympics. The dinner featured dishes inspired by the Games’ host cities over the past nine decades.

Celebrating the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games, Holmquist served kimbop Korean vegetable rolls, while wild game chili in bread bowls represented Salt Lake (2002). Calagry (1988) made its appearance in the form of poutine, while shrimp stuffed eggs honored Oslo (1952). Chicken wienerschnitzel with spätzle gave nod to Garmisch-Patenkirchen (1936), and Japanese dumplings harkened to Nagano (1998).

Crafting more than 30 unique dishes in total with his team, Holmquist said the evening, “celebrated the Games and how important food was to each of those cities and cultures that brought the Games to life.”

He concludes, “Food connects us; it pulls people together”