This is the week of the Democratic National Convention in the U.S. You may have heard that Coca-Cola is the Official Recycling Provider for the Convention .

Not to choose sides, Coca-Cola is also an Official Recycling Provider at the Republican National Convention , which starts September 1.

Coke_vote_pinI don't claim to be an expert on recycling, and Coke's environmental activities don't fall in my area, but I do know about Coca-Cola's relationship with politics throughout the years.

Here are a few tidbits about our connection with politics:

Did you know that President Johnson is supposed to have had a soft drink dispenser in the Cabinet Room at the White House? There was a panel of buttons next to President Johnson's chair. Instead of being marked for key countries or points of crises, they were marked "Fresca," "Coca-Cola" and "root beer."

A September 2004 report said that among the items in the time capsule of Bill Clinton's Presidential Library were a can of diet Coke and a cell phone. The diet Coke and the phone may look quite dated when the capsule is opened in 2104!

And we've heard that Vice President Dick Cheney likes to have four cans of diet Sprite (now called Sprite Zero) in his suite when he travels.

We're thankful our drinks are liked by both parties!