Coca-Cola is excited to bring you the premiere of the groundbreaking and interactive new brainchild of Rock Mafia: "Fly Or Die." 

"Fly or Die" was written and produced by Rock Mafia, best known for their breakout success in writing, producing and launching the careers of major recording artists, resulting in more than 50 million albums sold. Rock Mafia also creates and performs music under the Rock Mafia brand as it did with “The Big Bang," a song and video released independently that has sold more than 1 million downloads worldwide.

Continuing its artistic progression with "Fly or Die," Rock Mafia is launching a global movement around the concept of "pop activism." In the video, this new level of consciousness comes to life through a little girl who finds the power within to save the world. The music video for "Fly Or Die" was beautifully directed and animated by Micah Chambers Goldberg, and is a magical vision for one of the coolest songs of the summer. 

Rock Mafia

The "Fly or Die" collaboration is the first in a series of exclusive Placelists over the coming months created by Rock Mafia exclusively for Coca-Cola -- showcasing Rock Mafia's exciting new artists and songs, and featuring locations that inspire the music. Coca-Cola Placelists is an innovative new music experience developed by Coca-Cola in collaboration with Spotify to allow teens to create uplifting stories through music, tied to their most meaningful places. We're excited to have Rock Mafia on board.

With the Placelists app, you can create and share playlists with songs that connect you to special places and unique memories. Which songs would you love to hear while running through Central Park, standing atop the Eiffel Tower, our just hanging out with friends at your favorite place in your neighborhood? Now you can explore the world to find Placelists created by other users, and tag the world around you with the music you love.

This collaboration is yet another reflection of Rock Mafia's growing influence within pop culture. In reshaping the way creative content is shared with the world, Rock Mafia has worked with artists like Wyclef, Aloe Blacc, Miley Cyrus, Green Day, Timbaland and many others -- driving 11 multi-platinum No.1 hits and 17 top 5 records. Most recently, Rock Mafia scored another No. 1 success with their production of "Stars Dance" for Selena Gomez, which went straight to the top of the U.S. Billboard charts and the worldwide album charts. "Stars Dance" is Gomez’ follow up to the Rock Mafia production "Love You Like A Love Song," which won platinum awards all over the world and was certified four times platinum in the U.S.

Download a free mp3 of "She’s Gone" by Rock Mafia.

Simon Singleton is the Coca-Cola Placelists editor.