The importance of recycling is clear. It creates stronger communities by improving services to residents and lowers landfilling costs for cities. For Coca-Cola, packaging is a valuable commodity that can be reused and recycling our packaging plays an essential role for our business. Our company is committed to supporting initiatives that enable used packaging to be recovered and reused. 

That’s why Coca-Cola is a lead sponsor of the Recycling Partnership, a unique private-public partnership that aims to accelerate growth in curbside recycling. Specifically, the program focuses on education and recycling cart deployment. Managed by the Curbside Value Partnership, cities can apply for grants to help them grow their curbside recycling programs through best practices learned from other cities. Columbia, SC is one of several cities this year to receive a grant through the program.

“This is one city of many that will receive a grant to expand community recycling initiatives. Coca-Cola is committed to helping build stronger, healthier and more vibrant communities through meaningful partnerships.” said, Jeff Meyers, Sustainable Packaging Manager for Coca-Cola North America. “Thanks to our investment in Columbia, 35,000 households will have better recycling. The Recycling Partnership aims to reach more than 100,000 new households in its first year.”

In early 2015, the Recycling Partnership provided Columbia, SC with a $300,000 grant to help modernize its residential curbside recycling program. Recently, Columbia’s Mayor, Steve Benjamin, applauded the partnership during his State of the City Address. He shared that the City would use the grant to convert from 18 gallon bins to large recycling carts, which was part of his vision to build a better Columbia.

“Thanks to a new partnership with Curbside Value Partnership, I’m proud to say that by this time next year, old blue 18-gallon recycling bins will be replaced with new 96-gallon roll carts, giving us the potential to increase recovered recycling materials by 500 percent,” said Mayor Benjamin. “We’re talking about 100,000 metric tons of CO2 saved over ten years and hundreds of thousands of tax dollars saved every year thanks to Curbside Value Partnership’s Recycling Partnership.”

The Recycling Partnership is one of two major programs Coca-Cola North America is funding to help stimulate recycling in the United States. The other program is Walmart’s groundbreaking recycling initiative called the Closed Loop Fund – an investment program that will help more communities build out recycling infrastructure.

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