​In Belgium, Coca-Cola is breaking new ground by joining forces with other leading brands in the fight against litter. A coalition of Coca-Cola, Lipton Ice-Tea (Unilever) and Spa Fruit (Spadel) has teamed up with Flemish anti-littering cooperative Mooimakers for a major advertising campaign.

The first-of-its-kind initiative sees Coca-Cola Belgium working with the other drinks companies to share outdoor media space for a joint anti-litter advertising campaign. Between May 30 and June 5, the three companies advertised side by side in a combined call to throw empty bottles and cans in the bin.

Industry Action

This collaboration shows the readiness of leading brands to use their combined power for a pressing environmental concern.

While Coca-Cola has a robust sustainable packaging strategy, too often its packages end up along roadways, public transport stops and waterways. By teaming up with other major beverage companies, Coke is sending a strong signal that we are serious about tackling packaging waste.

"Litter poses a pressing problem and a source of ever increasing annoyance," Jeroen Langerock, director of public affaris and communications, Coca-Cola. "By teaming up with Mooimakers, we join a new movement that mobilizes forces, shares knowledge and encourages people to take concrete action to make Flanders litter-free and beautiful."

Kelly Baetens, project manager at Mooimakers, adds, "This campaign shows that the fight against litter concerns everyone. We are truly delighted that we can join forces today and that these brands are throwing their weight behind the fight against litter."

Action On WasteIn addition to being a leading member of FostPlus — the Belgian organization for sorting household packaging waste and recycling — Coca-Cola Belgium is also taking numerous actions to reduce waste and promote recycling, making it easier for consumers to properly dispose of our packages. Under the motto "Sweep in Front of Your Own Door First", Coca-Cola Belgium staged an employee clean-up event at its offices. And in addition to the annual recycling activities at the popular Belgium summer festivals, Coke is adding a call-to-action to its summer campaign in Belgium.