A few months ago I was happy to launch the first Coke Bottle Art Tour in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. Just this past week, I got to launch our second version of the traveling show in the equally beautiful and exquisite city of Medellín, Colombia in Aeroparque Juan Pablo II venue. This version of the Art Tour that we premiered includes the same unique Coke Bottle multisensory experience with the popular “Bubbleizer” interactive, the “Perfect Serve” experience, photo booth and more. However, the art in this particular show – which will travel the Americas – is different and had never before been exhibited together. After the Medellín show ends on May 3rd, it is scheduled to visit Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

Coke Bottle Art Tour in Colombia
An evening Gala event brought out Colombian celebrities

It is appropriate that this show began in Colombia because Coca-Cola first came to South America in 1927. In fact, one of the first Coca-Cola bottles ever produced in Columbia – a 1927 bottle produced right in Medellín – is in a special part of the exhibit in Colombia. Members of the Coca-Cola Collectors Club of Colombia, which boasts members from all throughout the country, showcased bottles from their collections in a dedicated display case.

Collector Bottles
Special display of collector Coke bottles

The case features the Coke bottle in different sizes, limited editions and bottles from countries all around the world – with over 30 countries represented. In a nutshell, the reason for the celebration and the exhibition is the fact that Coca-Cola fans feel passionate enough to treasure the Coke bottle, and the fact that artists, musicians and filmmakers alike look to the Coke bottle for inspiration.

Five Colombian illustrators who created Coke Bottle-inspired pieces were on hand at an evening gala event hosted in the Tour’s main gallery space with celebrities such as Belky Arizala and artist Diego López. The selected winner, Armando Bareras, will take a trip to Atlanta with a friend and get to visit the World of Coca-Cola and the Archives (of course)!

With Belky Arizala
With Colombian actress and model @BELKYARIZALA

After the launched, I conducted a few media interviews in Spanish (I had been brushing up on my Spanish over the last week). My favorite interview of the trip was with Coke FM Colombia, which was broadcasting live from the Tour. It was so much fun because the hostess wanted to practice her English and I wanted to speak some Spanish! So, we agreed that she would ask the questions in English and I would reply in Spanish. You can hear the interview below. The Tour is in Colombia through May 3rd.

Jamal Booker is manager of heritage communications at The Coca-Cola Company.