The globetrotting Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour made a recent stop in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where more than 46,000 fans turned out over five days to toast the iconic package’s 100th anniversary through a multisensory experience.

Following a pre-opening event for special guests including Argentinian celebrities, media and more, the free exhibit was open to the public. Features included a spectacular mapping show highlighting the bottle’s rich history, plus works by renowned international artists inspired by the iconic Coca-Cola bottle, including Andy Warhol, Kim Frohsin, Eduardo Paolozzi, Clive Barker, Peter Blake, Kate Brinkworth and Elena Zolotnitsky. An exclusive room of Argentine collectors highlighted historical memorabilia.

Local urban and plastic artists, such as Juan Abba, Diego Roa, Manuel Ameztoy and Fernanda Cohen created murals and giant Coca-Cola bottles.

Visitors also contemporary urban dance performances and live DJs sets by Utopians, Zerokill, among other recognized musical artists.

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