Managing our global platforms today requires a entirely new setup and demands on our operations. When the FIFA World Cup kicked off in July, Coca-Cola Brazil undertook the most dramatic change in the way we did marketing. For 32 days we pooled the combined expertise of more than 100 talented individuals who, despite representing multiple disciplines, came together with the simple objective of making our brands the most exciting, relevant and recognized brands of the "World's Cup."

Real-time marketing
Marketers keep up with a live feed of social activity during the FIFA World Cup.

For 32 days, this dynamic team was able to listen to the market, react to the situation and create some of the most memorable communication pieces in a matter of hours – not weeks. 

Developing an operation that was able to create, produce and air 10 TV commercials and more than 1,300 posts and tweets required big changes not only in our entire operation but also numerous support operations all across the company. This new way of real-time operations is without a doubt one of the most lasting and meaningful legacies from our FIFA World Cup campaign.

As we look back, what excites us the most is that we took a risk, learned a lot and now have a brilliant foundation that has entirely rewritten the way we approach marketing. We know have a fully staffed real-time marketing team working on our brands 24/7, and we will only continue to grow, learn and be in a position to build even stronger platforms as we approach Rio 2016!

This effort was recognized recently as we were awarded a Gold Effie for our real-time marketing plans in Brazil. This is a big recognition and a motivation to the team and our agency partners who dared to try something new, meet the challenge head on and leave a significant legacy for years to come.

Andres Kiger is director of integrated marketing communications for Coca-Cola Brazil.