Driving to the Village in Mao County
Around 6 a.m. on June 24, a massive landslide buried a mountain village of 62 homes in Maoxian County in Southeast China’s Sichuan Province, killing 10 people and leaving more than 93 missing. Government rescue teams are frantically searching for survivors trapped beneath rocks and mud dislodged by heavy rainfall.

Changkun Mo, a senior local business representative at the Coca-Cola China Sichuan plant, was shocked by the disaster which took place in his hometown and claimed the lives of several of his relatives. He hopped onto a bus heading to the affected area and contacted his supervisor and colleagues regarding the disaster. At the same time, the Coca-Cola system in China activated its “Clean Water 24” emergency mechanism by utilizing its distribution networks close to the affected area.

A rescuer in Mao County drinking water from Coca-Cola System

After hours of driving and another 2.5 miles of walking, Mo arrived at the Xinmo village, where collapsed houses buried under piles of rock left him heartbroken. Mo found that people were in urgent need of clean water by talking with local residents and rescue teams.

He provided first-hand feedback on the situation to the Coca-Cola “Clean Water 24” emergency team, which was on the road with cases of water. The team was being led by his colleague Wei Zhou, a manager at the Coca-Cola Sichuan plant.

The challenges were bigger than the team imagined. Damaged roads made it hard for the trucks carrying the water to access the region. Zhou had to liaise with local distributors to send the water by mini vans to complete the mission. A trip that would normally take one hour stretched to five. However, with the nonstop efforts of Coke associates, a total of 45,600 bottles of water were sent to the village within 24 hours.

Wei Zhou, a manager of Sichuan Plant, led the delivery within 24 hours.

“I am very proud of the efforts made by Mo, a Coca-Cola Ambassador and a local resident, as well as Coca-Cola China during the disaster. All parties in our system tried by all means to send clean water to people in need. We acted on our words of ‘We Care’!” said Zhou.

Launched in 2013 by the Coca-Cola system in China, “Clean Water 24” mobilizes Coca-Cola China’s supply chain to support a nationwide disaster response system. The initiative transforms the traditional donation format into a life-saving model, and Coke products into life-saving drinking water by integrating the logistical and warehousing advantages of the Coca-Cola China system with the resources of local government and civil associations. Thanks to the relentless efforts of all parties, the response time had been shortened to only 10 hours on average by 2016.

Rescue team recieving bottled water from Coca-Cola

During the past four years, the mechanism has been activated 124 times in response to various disasters. More than 1.5 million people in need of assistance in 21 provinces have benefited from this system. More than 13 million bottles of drinking water have delivered our care to disaster-hit communities.