An earthquake of 7.0 magnitude struck Lushan county, Ya’an City in Sichuan on April 20. As soon as the earthquake hit, the local Coca-Cola sales centre in Ya’an diverted their entire stock for disaster relief and the first batch of Ice Dew water arrived at the affected area at 5pm on the same day.

At the same time, Coca-Cola Sichuan and Chongqing immediately adjusted their production schedules to dedicate all possible production capacity to produce more Ice Dew water, as bottled water is a much sought-after necessity in the affected areas. The water products were shipped continuously to the disaster area in batches.

On the heels of donating 2.4 million bottles of water to the Sichuan Lushan earthquake relief efforts on April 20, the Coca-Cola China System also announced on April 22 the donation of RMB8 million (USD1.3 million) to the China Women’s Development Foundation. The aim is to help affected women improve their livelihoods after the earthquake. The total monetary value of the Coca-Cola system’s donation to the Lushan disaster area in Sichuan is up to RMB 10 million (USD1.6 million).

“Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this natural disaster. The Coca-Cola China System immediately donated 2.4 million bottles of drinking water in support of local rescue efforts,” said David G. Brooks, President of Coca-Cola Greater China and Korea. “We understand that after the rescue, to help local residents rebuild their lives will be even more challenging. Today, we are donating RMB 8 million (USD1.3 million) to the China Women’s Development Foundation, as our small part to help the earthquake-impacted women to improve their livelihoods, and as a part of our 5by20 Programme.” 5by20 is The Coca-Cola Company’s ambitious global initiative to enable the economic empowerment of 5 million female entrepreneurs across our value chain by 2020.

Since returning to China in 1979, Coca-Cola and its bottling plants have made countless efforts to support local communities and charity programmes. The China system contributed RMB100 million (USD16.2 million) in total towards rebuilding efforts after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan. All rebuilding projects were completed in 2011.

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