Coke_christmas_patent_bottle_4Christmas Day this year marks an 85th anniversary for Coca-Cola.

On December 25, 1923, the patent on the contour bottle was renewed for the first time. The patent really is from Christmas Day, and the bottles are referred to as “Christmas bottles.”

The contour bottles with this date were not produced on Christmas Day, which some people believe. The date only relates to the patent.

The design for the Christmas bottle was patented in the U.S. Patent Office and released in the Office’s publication, Official Gazette, on December 25, 1923.

The date was a coincidence; the publication was issued every Tuesday, and in 1923, Christmas Day happened to fall on a Tuesday. Even though the Patent Office was closed on December 25 for the holidays, the patent was still registered on that day.

All contour bottles made between late 1923 and 1937 carried the Christmas patent date. “Christmas bottles” are actually quite common despite their age.

You may have seen on my blog that glass Coca-Cola contour bottles – even very old ones – are only worth a few dollars. Christmas bottles still won’t make you rich, but they are worth a bit more – around $10-$15 in really good condition. Any damage to the bottle will greatly reduce its value.