We often receive stories about the role Coca-Cola has played in people’s lives. My team reviews these stories, and I wanted to share one that comes from Coca-Cola Collectors Club member George Gilghrist.

It’s a unique look at the “celebrity” that can come to the people who collect Coca-Cola memorabilia!

The summer of 2006, the Coca-Cola bottler in Chattanooga, TN, put on an appraisal and auction to raise money for a charity. My wife Linda and I went to it and it was a fun day.

George_gilghrist_at_homeLinda ended up being interviewed by the local TV station. The interview was shown on the 6 PM, 11 PM news and on the local morning show the next day. She got tired of seeing it.

After seeing her on the morning show, we looked at the morning paper and to my surprise my picture was on the front page in the local section. I was looking at some bottles and did not know the picture was taken.

The next day we went out for dinner and my brother-in-law went to the bathroom. When he returned he told me that my picture was on the bathroom wall. I did not believe him so I went to see for myself.

To my amazement he was right. The newspaper story was posted directly over one of the urinals!

The restaurant was only a short distance from our home, so after we came home from dinner, I got my camera and went back.

I sure did get a funny look when I told the hostess that I wanted to go into the bathroom and take a picture of myself! I ended up telling her why and she had a good laugh about it too.

So it ended up that Linda and I both had our 15 minutes of fame thanks to Coca-Cola collecting.

Though Coke may not have brought you the notoriety it brought George, I’d love to hear from you if you have a Coca-Cola Story.