Do you know anyone who has her kitchen decorated with Coke stuff? Have you ever walked into someone’s basement and seen hundreds of Coke items lining the walls? Do you know people who bring home cans or bottles of Coke when they travel?

Well, I know thousands of them! Many – though certainly not all – belong to the Coca-Cola Collectors Club. The Club actually created itself, as people who had a shared hobby of collecting Coca-Cola items – and who loved Coke – came together and formed a group.

The idea of collecting Coke memorabilia is one that some people can immediately understand, and one some people just think is “crazy.” (In fact, even some of the Club members would say this hobby of theirs is crazy!) But the people who collect Coca-Cola memorabilia are just like other collectors – passionate about what they do.

I’d like to introduce you to just some of the collectors I know. Check back here to "meet" some of them, and tell me about a collector you know!