Findings of an analysis released today by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a non-partisan organization, confirm 6.4 trillion calories have been reduced in the U.S. marketplace since 2007.

The reduction was the result of a pledge made by 16 leading food and beverage companies, including The Coca-Cola-Company, to reduce 1.5 trillion calories from grocery shelves by 2015.

Manufacturers exceeded that goal by 400 percent, which translates into 78 fewer calories per person, per day in the United States. The peer-reviewed analysis conducted by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will be published later this year.

Dr. James Marks, a senior vice president and director of the Health Group at the Foundation said, “It’s extremely encouraging to hear that these leading companies appear to have substantially exceeded their calorie-reduction pledge.”

The food and beverage makers who took part in the pledge are members of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, an initiative that seeks to reduce obesity, especially childhood obesity, in the United States. The group cited the innovation of low- and no-calorie options, reformulations of existing products and portion-controlled options as ways it achieved the reduction.

The Coca-Cola Company has long been passionate about providing people with a variety of beverage options to help them meet their needs. Since 2007, we have introduced more than 100 no- and low-calorie beverages and more portion-controlled options like our 7.5 oz mini cans. And we are not stopping there. You’ll continue to see ways we are making it even easier to find the beverage that fits your lifestyle and providing opportunities for people to be active and have fun.

You can read more thoughts on this from Sandy Douglas, President, Coca-Cola North America, here.

Infographic: Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation