Coca-Cola is unveiling an exciting new partnership with renowned photographer and creative visionary David LaChapelle to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Coca-Cola bottle.

As creative director for the centenary celebrations in Northwest Europe and the Nordics, LaChapelle has created a series of powerful images to pay homage to the iconic Contour bottle in a campaign titled "Together." 

David LaChapelle
David LaChapelle

Known for his celebrity portrait photography combining a hyper-realistic aesthetic with profound societal messages, LaChapelle has created a compelling short film and series of stills to celebrate the bottle’s unique shape while illustrating the values at the heart of the Coke brand.

Inspired by the insight that the original glass bottle is "the only commercial product you can recreate with your hands", the film features the hands of real people from diverse ages and ethnicities who are being brought together in a moment of togetherness to form the unmistakable curvaceous silhouette of the Coca-Cola bottle.

“David LaChapelle is one of today’s most talented and innovative creatives – always pushing the boundaries in a cultural and societal context," said William Swann, Coke's group content director. "As an avid fan of Coca-Cola, David was inspired by the use of negative space to create the classic bottle shape, stressing that this instant visual recognition is something only Coke could do. With the contour shape as a starting point, he created a beautiful story portraying our core values: optimism, togetherness and diversity. He also put an optical illusion into the mix.”

To maximize exposure, the campaign is rolling out on digital, social and online channels simultaneously across Northwest Europe and the Nordics with locally adapted video content and behind-the-scenes materials.

Kiss Happiness

As part of the 100th anniversary celebrations, LaChapelle has also created the imagery for the "Kiss Happiness" campaign featuring British pop icon Rita Ora and superstar DJ and producer Avicii "kissing" the Coca-Cola bottle.

LaChapelle has captured each music artist in raw and edgy compositions, drawing inspiration from the classic black and white photography of Hollywood icons discovered in the Coca-Cola archives.

Swann adds: “Both Rita and Avicii are big fans of Coke, which made them perfect brand ambassadors for the 100 years of Contour celebration. David wanted to create a backstage, authentic moment showing each artist enjoying their favourite drink -- as if they just finished performing.”