My name is Felix Picker and I am Manager of Social Media and Digital Engagement in Germany. Over the last three days I joined the 1st global Coca-Cola Journey meeting together with other inspiring Journey and social media managers from all over the world. To be a part of our digital magazine makes me really proud especially seeing so many people from all different places who are making Journey possible. I thought about it for a while how I could show you my experiences over the last days here in Atlanta and I think there is no better way to do it than with six-second Vine videos. Here you go!

Why read about it when you can see it? Here's my trip from Berlin to Atlanta and some faces behind the great Journey members all over the world.

My Way to #JourneyOn in Atlanta:

#JourneyOn Faces:


So #JourneyON.

Felix Picker

Felix alias @pickerpolitics

Felix Picker is Manager of Social Media & Digital Engagement at Coca-Cola Germany.