Standing in front of a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, it’s tough to remember that awesome drink combination you created last week. Now, there’s an app for that.

Coca-Cola Freestyle App

The new “Create Your Own Mix” feature on the Freestyle app lets fans save custom combination using Freestyle’s over 100 drink options. With smartphone in hand, users can scan the app at a participating machine, which will in turn pour their very own creations.

“The magic of Coca-Cola Freestyle is branded choice,” said Joel Bishop, Vice President and General Manager, Coca-Cola Freestyle. “This latest enhancement takes it to a new level that we believe will fit seamlessly into people’s lives.”

In May and June, 2,000 foodservice operators will pilot the new feature. Coca-Cola is building buzz with the “Share Your #TasteFace” campaign. Your #TasteFace is that magical moment when you experience your custom mix for the first time. Fans are encouraged to share selfies by using the hashtag on social media.

What’s your #TasteFace look like? Download the app for Android and iOS devices by clicking here.

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