Last weekend, Coca-Cola hosted the biggest-ever “All-Women Hackathon” in Europe – a marathon session for female “hackers” (aka designers and software programmers).

In a hackathon, hackers get together for up to 48 hours, form teams and develop new social media platforms or technical solutions for different areas of interest.

Hackathon - Pause

A total of 115 women from 10 countries visited our Berlin headquarters to work on tech innovations to create awareness of various social challenges or help solve everyday problems to make our lives easier or better. The group used Twitter to share and communicate, and we saw over 700 tweets using the hashtag #bgcokehack. There were also several Instagram photos shared and stories in online news and blogs.

Germany is the first Coca-Cola business unit to take a pioneering role in this field, which supports Coke's focus on innovation and empowering women (#5by20).

The hackathon was a direct result of a collaboration started this spring with Global Shapers in Germany. We partnered with Global Shaper and co-founder of The Berlin Geekettes (female "geeks") Jess Erickson, who officially invited the participants.

The atmosphere at the event was brilliant. Our rooms were filled with enthusiasm and a drive to innovate. After 24 hours of continuous designing and programming, the teams pitched 27 solutions to the jury and the crowd.


Three winners will travel to Atlanta to meet with top female managers from Coca-Cola about women in leadership. In addition, our local Coca-Cola Accelerator team will offer support to a second team that designed an app which counts calories you consume and suggests where to best burn them off on runs or walks in different cities.

Patrick Kammerer

Patrick Kammerer is director of Public Affairs & Communications at Coca-Cola Germany.