Coke front Readers of the blog know I love guitars.  I have featured the Fender guitar that One Night Only played at the concert last weekend several time on this site and wrote a post two years ago about a guitar made out of recycled material by a high-school student.  I received a note from Mat Pham who wrote about guitar he had just made.  I love his account and his creativity.  Here is Matt's story.

Coke back Ever since I was six I have been consuming Coca-Cola, not only in just a drinking way, but in the life perspective way. I have made numerous things out of Coke products or displaying the Coca-Cola name, whether back in the day for art class or just for fun too prove I can. Recently, a project I had just finished was an electric Coca-Cola guitar made out of all Coca-Cola products. It basically consists of three cut out Coca-Cola (24 can) cardboard cases which provided the hardness of the guitar body and head, at which I would use three (18 can) Coca-Cola cases with the box logos to give it that outside appeal. For the neck I simply just glued 3 Coca-Cola cans stack with two board pieces on the side, outlined it a Coca-Cola label header so it could still remain red and taped it with red vinyl electrical tape for added support. As for the strings, Coke side I just used fishing strings tied to pop can tabs and created holes in the head and base where inside the guitar I have all the strings attached to a piece of cardboard holding all of them in place. The whole guitar is held together by glue, used by a glue gun, and overall the project took about 8 - 10 hours to create. I was inspired by a mix of the Coca-Cola electric guitar I've seen being used by One Night Only 1 One Night Only on the Coca-Cola Archives facebook site and for the purpose of Coca-Cola's 125th birthday, I felt like since Coca-Cola has given me so much originality over all of my life, that I would give them something original back in return. Happy birthday Coca-Cola !!!! and enjoy.