Coke archives
Justine looks through the wooden crates in the warehouse space.

It all started with a simple phone call to discuss the London office moving and the design ideas for the new space. Last November, Ted Ryan and I spoke with the Design team working on the Wimpole office space and their vision to display archival pieces. Little did I know that I would be making multiple trips to our warehouse and the archives measuring and photographing large items for use in the London office!

I soon found myself crawling over and squeezing between  vending machines, coolers, and even a large neon sign hoping they could be repurposed – and then doing it again to double check measurements and take just that “right picture” from another angle so the designers could make sure the display boxes would made exactly as needed for each piece. 

After the pieces were picked, I worked with our shipper to get everything crated and sent over. And it was all worth it. Seeing the pictures of the office, I can tell the items are all beautifully displayed. It’s wonderful to see the pieces find a new home where they can be appreciated by Coca-Cola employees and guests alike.