A creative hidden-camera experiment in Penn Station put busy New Yorkers on the spot to see if they’d share an extra Coke with people around them... or keep it for themselves. JetBlue and Coca-Cola set up a specially equipped vending machine, which garnered more than 150 unique transactions over the course of the day, and captured the action on video. Take a look: 

While not everyone could be followed to see what happened with their extra bottle of Coke, about 70 percent of shares were between an individual and a stranger. The most common reason for sharing? “I got two and only needed one, why wouldn’t I share it?” 

Consumers who shared a Coke on the spot earned a surprise reward of roundtrip travel certificates delivered by actual JetBlue crew members.

JetBlue Coca-Cola

The “Share a Coke with Humanity” concept is rooted in the two brands’ aligned missions, which both aim to share a little happiness with the world. JetBlue, known for its mission to inspire humanity, is consistently delivering moments that put its mission into action by putting people first and celebrating acts of humanity. For Coke, the evolution of its “Share a Coke” campaign continues to inspire a spirit of generosity while creating special moments of happiness.