One of Europe's biggest music festivals recently thrilled massive crowds of music lovers in Belgium. Rock Werchter, which attracts around 150,000 fans each year, is the first of the busy summer season in Belgium, and for several years, has been a key event for Coca-Cola to connect with teens and young adults. 

Rock Werchter, voted the best major festival in the European Festival Awards, is one of five Belgian festivals featured on the Coca-Cola summer promotion packs in Belgium, alongside other popular destinations. Coca-Cola Belgium turned the volume to max with this year's festival, unveiling a new must-visit venue at the festival site: the Red Lodge.

Making its debut, the Red Lodge welcomed fans to take a refreshing break from their busy festival schedule. Visitors could find an array of welcoming features to recharge, relax and have fun, before heading back into the festival crowds:

  • Reception desk: Fans could check in and discover what the Red Lodge has to offer. They could also return/recycle empty Coca-Cola bottles and exchange them for Red Lodge Coins. These can be redeemed for trendy and eco-friendly Coca-Cola souvenirs and fun activities in the Red Lodge.
  • A rooftop terrace: The place to relax with a refreshing Coca-Cola, mocktail or cocktail (not available outside in the Rock Werchter site)... with an incredible festival view.
  • A DJ booth: A resident DJ made sure the party doesn't stop.
  • The Culture Shop: A souvenir shop where fans could exchange their coins for Coca-Cola must-have items.
  • A photo booth: The "place to be" to capture that special festival summer moment.

The first activation of the Red Lodge was an incredible success, with metrics showing strong engagement and interaction.

  • 34,250 Coca-Cola bottles recycled and exchanged for coins
  • 927 pictures snapped and printed in the photo booth
  • 10,700 Coca-Cola Summer samples refreshed consumers
  • 2,513 Coca-Cola goodies handed out

As the festival season continues, the Red Lodge will be opening its doors again soon at:

  • Les Ardentes (July 6-9)
  • Dour (July 12-16)
  • WECANDANCE (August 12-14)
  • Pukkelpop (August 16-19)

A smaller (but equally cool) version of the Red Lodge will also be featured at festivals such as Maan Rock, Crammerock, and D-Division.