Coca-Cola Poland is highlighting the economic potential of women with a new report published with the consultancy Deloitte.

The study, titled "Women's Labour and Entrepreneurship Potential to be unlocked in Poland", explores the benefits associated with the social and economic advancement of women in the country. It has been produced as part of Coca-Cola Poland's local 5by20 initiative promoting female empowerment.

Although Poland is one of the fastest-developing countries in Europe, it faces a significant shortage of workers. By 2020, the country's workforce is expected to drop by 5 million people, with a rapidly aging workforce being one of the contributing factors.

To sustain its strong economic performance, Poland needs to make full use of its labor potential, and the key to this will be unlocking the potential of women.

Closing the Gender Gap

According to the Coca-Cola study, only six in 10 women in Poland are employed -- far below the EU average.

Coca-Cola aims to show that improving access to the female talent pool not only provides social benefits, but makes economic sense. The report shows that if 533,000 women join the labor force, the Polish GDP could grow by as much as 1 percent by 2025, accounting for €37 billion (PLN 180 billion).

Coca-Cola Poland presented the report to media and stakeholders at the annual Labour Market Forum, organized by Poland's Union of Employers and Entrepreneurs. The presentation was followed by a panel discussion, where Anna Solarek, PAC director, Coca-Cola Poland, was joined on stage by Jadwiga Emilewicz, Deputy Minister of Development and Bartosz Marczuk, Deputy Minister of Labor, alongside several economists and sociologists.

Coca-Cola highlighted the Success is Me program, run in incollaboration with the country's longest-running female empowerment organization, "Success written in lipstick." Since its start in October 2016, the program has helped 500 female entrepreneurs with career training, and 2,000 more continue to develop their professional skills on the e-learning platform.

The event and report presentation received high-profile coverage in the media. The event was aired live on one of Poland's leading Internet portals (, and 60 articles have been published so far.

Next Steps

The Labour Market Forum marks the first step of Coca-Cola Poland's stakeholder engagement plan. In the coming months, Coca-Cola Poland is planning a series of meetings on various aspects of professional advancement of women.