Coca-Cola Poland has made a major step forward in how it educates consumers about recycling, by incorporating its 'Recover-Recycle' program into all major Coca-Cola branded or sponsored large events this year.

A huge MyCoke sampling program, which is running between April and September 2010, is one of the key marketing activities where Coca-Cola Poland will inform consumers about the benefits of recycling through Recover-Recycle.

During this sampling initiative, more than eight million cans will be distributed to consumers throughout the country. Coca-Cola Poland is working to ensure that consumers not only experience the great taste of Coke, but also become inspired to recover and recycle their packaging after they have enjoyed our products.

The 2010 activation is building on the program's success in 2009, when an educational recycling initiative was launched at the Coke Live Music Festival in Krakow last summer.

During the festival, Coca-Cola Poland partnered with non-profit recycling organisation Rekopol to set up Live Positively-branded recycling points across the festival. Information was also distributed on the importance of recycling and why packaging is not waste, but a valuable resource for the future.

"With 'Recover-Recycle' activities, we are going beyond just marketing our brands to creating a platform for education around sustainability. We are using our Live Positively philosophy to encourage people to make a difference by recovering and recycling," says Beata Ptaszynska-Jedynak, Public Affairs & Communications Manager at Coca-Cola Poland Services.

Important Partnerships
Coca-Cola Poland is building on its long-standing partnership with Rekopol. Collaboration is also underway with other key nongovernment organizations (NGOs) active in recycling, such as Recal, the Foundation for Recovery of Aluminum Beverage Cans, and Recan, an organization working to raise the beverage can recycling rate in Poland.

In addition to MyCoke sampling, Coca-Cola Poland will promote recycling during major 2010 events in Poland such as The Coca-Cola Cup finals and this year's Coke Live Music Festival. In-store recycling promotions will also be organised, in collaboration with retail partners across the country.

At the events, Live Positively- branded recycling bins decorated with practical recycling tips will serve as communications tools as well as receptacles for recyclable packages.

The Coca-Cola system will inform consumers and encourage them to recycle via special stands at large events, including 'Recycling Days' organized in Warsaw, the Polish capital, and the second largest Polish city, Lódz, where a Coca-Cola plant is based.

The Coca-Cola Poland website, along with a dedicated MyCoke sampling website, will enrich the consumer program, serving as an important communications point so that Coke consumers can learn more about recycling and become inspired to Live Positively.