We recently acquired an advertising flyer for a classic radio program called  The Song Shop.  This flyer was autographed by many of the stars of the program including Nadine Conner and Alice Cornett. I was trying to date the artifact and found out quite a bit about this radio program. The Song Shop was first aired in September of 1937 and the original stars of the show were Kitty Carlisle, Frank Crumit, Reed Kennedy and Alice Cornett while Gustave Haenschen was the musical director.  While my only memory of Kitty Carlisle was her long stint as a panelist on What's my Line, she got her start appearing on Broadway and Hollywood where she gave a signature performance of "Alone" in the Marx Brothers movie A Night at the Opera. In 1938, the cast of the radio program were changed and Nadine Conner took over as the hostess of the show and Del Sharbutt became the master of ceremonies.  Nadine Conner had appeared with Nelson Eddy and in the musical Showboat.  After her time in The Song Shop she focused on opera and became an acclaimed performer in the US and Europe.  Dell Sharbutt continued his career in radio and over time hosted programs like "Your Hit Parade."  His New York Times obituary cited him as having one of the most familiar voices in radio and TV, you might remember him as the original voice of the "Mmm, mmm good," for Campbell's Soup. The Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio indicates that The Song Shop was last aired over the network of  CBS radio stations on June, 3, 1938. ^TR