Coca-Cola has received the 2015 Bonsucro Sustainability Award for Buyers Supporting Transformational Change, which recognizes the Coca-Cola system's efforts ito support critical and progressive advancements in the sugarcane sector.

“Bonsucro is the global sugarcane platform focused on sustainability and continuous improvement of its members. As a global purchaser of cane sugar, Coca-Cola has embraced its obligation to sustainably source this key agricultural ingredient," said Simon Usher, CEO, Bonsucro. "This award recognizes the longstanding commitment of the company to support transformational change through Bonsucro. Coke worked with Bonsucro members to create the first global metric standard for sustainable sugarcane production and was the first to purchase Bonsucro-certified sugar in 2011 and achieve Bonsucro Chain of Custody Standard certification. They have recruited new members to Bonsucro and continue to promote the case for sustainable sugarcane production throughout the world.

He added, "Through voice and action, Coca-Cola is raising awareness and emphasizing the importance of sustainably sourced cane sugar."

At an awards ceremony in São Paulo, Usher praised the Coca-Cola Brazil team for making firm local 2020 sourcing commitments, mapping local supply chains back to sourcing mills, involving all their suppliers, and supporting mills in areas not already committed to certification to embark on the process. “This award recognizes Coca-Cola’s global dedication to working in partnership to promote trans-national change, its holistic approaches to sustainable sugarcane production, and its willingness to publically demonstrate leadership and commitment," he said. "It also recognizes the importance of local leadership in any global corporate system and the exceptional efforts of the local Coca-Cola team in Brazil.”

In 2013, Coca-Cola committed to zero tolerance for land grabbing and began conducting studies on land rights, child labor and forced labor practices in its main sugarcane production countries. To date, sugar studies have been published in Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

The Coca-Cola Company set a goal to sustainably source its key agricultural ingredients by 2020. Bonsucro is one of the preferred pathways for Coca-Cola suppliers to meet compliance with the company’s 2020 targets.

“Sustainability is a journey and we learn something new every day," said Ben Jordan, procurement director of global sustainable agriculture, The Coca-Cola Company. "As a company that works across diverse geographies facing a range of challenges, we recognize that vulnerabilities exist and no one solution fits every scenario. We are committed to working with Bonsucro and others to drive continuous improvement in our supply chain.”

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