Diamond Restaurant

Diamond Restaurant, Charlotte, NC

We need your help! Readers of this blog will know that we are closet "foodies" and a number of our posts and videos in the past have focused on Coca-Cola and food, not only as an accompaniment, but also as an ingredient.  We have posted countless recipes for chicken, ribs, and chili. I blogged about The Five Spot in Seattle with their famous Coca-Cola Brisket and we have posted videos from The West Egg, Carvers Country Kitchen, Holeman & Finch and even the famous Varsity in Atlanta.

We are trying to gather a list of places across the US (or even anywhere in the world) that either use Coca-Cola as an ingredient, serve Coke in an unusual way (like an old time fountain) or have Coca-Cola memorabilia as part of their decoration.


Our Summer Intern, Ginny Van Winkle mapped out the 40+ locations we have identified.  Take a look at the map as you are planning your travels and share this blog with you friends and lets see if we can get a nice list of interesting places for Coca-Cola and food. Think of it as a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (one of my favorite shows) of Coca-Cola. I took both photos on this post in the last month.  At The Coca-Cola Collectors Club annual meeting in Charlotte, I had some great chicken wings with a Coca-Cola/Jack Daniels sauce at the Diamond Restaurant and last week had a Coke Float at Nifty Fifty's Soda Fountain in Port Townsend, WA.

Send your restaurant suggestions to gvanwinkle@coca-cola.com and we will add them to our list! ^TR