Happiness Strikes Again! A friend of mine from Bogota, Colombia was on the scene of an exciting treat brought to commuters in Bogotá. I'll let her tell it in her own words, and enjoy the video:

"It was April the 14th, at 6:00 pm in Bogotá- Colombia South America and people once again thought – “Oh no here we go again another traffic Jam. I just got out of one!!.” But as always Coca-Cola with its joy and awesome ideas, turned all those frowning faces into happy ones presenting the first Rush Hour Cinema in the world. A simple Idea with the sparkling taste of everyone’s favorite. A Big Screen was settled at one of Bogota’s mayor avenues and a special frequency had the sound to the one minute movies that were presented. And since going to the movies is not the same without popcorn and off course a refreshing cold Coca-Cola Colombians at Bogotá did not only enjoy for the first time a traffic Jam but they also opened happiness and met the new 250 millimeters Mini Coke.

We all learned that the only thing you need in a traffic Jam is a Coke and a Smile and that reminds me of the 1979 campaign, I suppose there has always been a solution for long faces yet not for rush hour."