Earlier in the year, our team was briefed to develop "another microsite" to communicate to consumers, media and employees about one of our initiatives for 2013. I’ve never been a big fan of microsites, so it was our great fortune that the global team had recently launched Coca-Cola Journey. One look at Journey, and we knew we had our solution.

Through Journey, we realised we would have a place to tell our stories, share our experiences and be involved in the conversations about our company in this market.

The challenge was we needed to turn the Australian (and New Zealand) editions of Journey around in eight weeks.

No worries.

From the outset, we were clear that this was a platform we would build over time. Fortunately, we had the benefit of learning from Germany, Japan and Morocco, who launched before us. And we had an incredible resource of technical and publishing experts who literally flew over and showed us the ropes.

Our sites are unashamedly a combination of local and global content. While they have a uniquely local point of view, they also feature great international stories that we know will resonate with our readers.

So what you see today is the start of the conversation. Journey will evolve, and we’re excited about what the future holds.

Now the real work begins…

Belinda Ford

Belinda Ford is public affairs manager for Coca-Cola South Pacific.