Everyone seems to have a Coca-Cola story -- a time when you remember Coke being there, from a first date to a memory of a family member. We often have people tell us these stories, and even collect them at our new World of Coca-Cola. We read them all and always love to get new ones!

Here’s a story with a common theme -- going overseas and having Coke provide a memory of home, no matter how far away you are:

My first trip across any ocean from the United States was to Israel in the summer of 1990, between my first and second years of law school. The flight from JFK in New York to Ben Gurion outside Tel Aviv was non-stop, and seemed to last 10 hours or more. Between that and the time difference, I truly was all out of sorts, and I had more than a day on my own before my summer program -- in English -- was to begin. I managed to get into a cab and to my hotel in Tel Aviv, and after checking in, I was tired and thirsty.  I saw a refreshment stand/snack bar on the beach by the Mediterranean, so I went down there. When I got to the front of the line I realized I could not read the menu, which was in Hebrew, and I did not speak the language. So I said the only words that I absolutely knew they would understand -- "Coca-Cola." I knew what I would get. That was probably the most refreshing and most welcome Coke I have ever had. So truly, my first taste of the Holy Land was also a taste from home, when I was as far from home as I had ever been, and that was Coca-Cola.

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