Coca-Cola touches the lives of millions of people each and every day. From special occasions to exceptional moments in everyday life, Coca-Cola is there. The brand has become a special part of people's lives.

Over the years, thousands of people have sent us personal stories about how Coca-Cola has affected their lives. Whether it is a favorite childhood memory, a reminder of family gatherings, or a recollection of good times with friends, Coca-Cola has touched the lives of people all over the world.

Here are stories that Coca-Cola fans have shared with us over the years.

  • One winter we had a bad blizzard. I had to have my Diet Coke. My husband traveled our untreated, gravel, snow- and ice-covered road 10 miles to town to get my diet Coke. It took him two hours -- but he did it for me. This is a testament to a wonderful husband and a fantastic soft drink.

  • In 1977 I got married to the most handsome man alive. I always knew Abe loved me, but how much was never apparent until the day he bought me Coke. Abe worked for Coke in Israel (at the bottling plant) and each night he would buy and bring home two cases for the family to enjoy. Well my father-in-law usually hoarded all the Coke and no one had a chance to take a glass. Knowing my love for the soft drink, Abe brought home bottles just for me. We would sit outside under the stars sharing a Coke. Now that we have grown children who don't live at home, we still do the same thing at least twice a week: sit outside under the stars enjoying each other's company, the stars and of course the glass bottle of Coke!

  • I have been a Coke fan and collector for many years. When my husband and I got married, our wedding reception was all done in a Coca-Cola motif. We decorated in red, white and black and the centerpieces were made with Coke bottles. Everyone had their own Coke bottle for the toast!

  • I met a guy and we started talking about our apartments. We both had a Coca-Cola machine in our kitchens. We discovered that collecting Coca-Cola stuff was the first thing we had in common. We've now been together for five years and are married. We always laugh when we remember that conversation. We still have our machines -- they are side by side in our house!

  • My parents will be married 50 years on Oct. 19th. Guess where they met? They both worked for Coca- Cola in Toronto! While working there they met and fell in love. My earliest memories are when they would tell me all about Coke. Coke was sacred to our family. I grew up as a "Coke" kid and could pass every taste test every time! We had Coke with every dinner and every night my dad would polish off the bottles (the little ones) while sitting watching his favorite shows. I would brag endlessly to my friends about my parents working at Coke. Oh, those were the days. I miss being a Coke kid, but I guess I will always be one.

  • My husband proposed to me using a Coca-Cola bottle. He knows I'm a big fan of Coca-Cola. One night, we went to this restaurant in downtown New Orleans and, as always, I had Coke in a bottle as my drink. As I kept drinking, I saw something sparkling at the end of the bottle. At first, I got freaked out, but as I turned it around, shook it left and right, my husband was already kneeling down. He said, "I know you love Coke so much, but will you consider marrying me? I promise you'll have Coke every day if you say yes." Well, as you guessed, we're engaged ever since.

  • A few years ago, I was sitting in a bookstore drinking a Coke and reading a book. All of a sudden I looked up and saw a very handsome young man trying to catch my eye. I smiled. He got up and walked over to my table. We had a chat and exchanged names. He was drinking a Coke too. I had to go, so we said our goodbyes and went about our day. A few years later, I was still single and traveling through Manhattan for a job interview. I saw a man on the street walking, and he looked familiar. He was the man from the bookstore! I walked up to him and said hello. After he recognized me and we talked, we agreed to meet for breakfast. We hit it off and started dating. Six months later we were married. This was five years ago. Thanks to Coke, I am now very happily married and have a child on the way.

  • I would like to share with you what has been an enchanting experience for me which revolved around Diet Coke with Lime. I am almost over with a very painful divorce. Recently, one day at school, my son's art teacher approached him and said that when my divorce was final, he would be the first one to ask me out. He is one of the most popular teachers at school and so nice and attractive, so my son and daughter were both delighted. I waited a few weeks to hear from him but nothing happened, so I dropped a little note in the mail to him. I began the note by saying that I was dying for a Diet Coke with Lime, but I was alone at work and couldn't leave; however, if I knew him better I could give him a call and ask him to go out and get me one. Two days later, after I had already left work for the day, he walked into the shop with a Diet Coke with Lime. Later that day, he ran into my son at the local deli and got the Diet Coke with Lime from his car and asked my son to give it to me. You know what? That plastic 20-ounce bottle of soda sits in my refrigerator, a week later, and every time I open the door and see it I smile. I've brought home several bottles since acquiring that one, and enjoyed them, but I just have to save that particular one. It says that someone cares about me.

  • After dating for three weeks, my wife and I found out that we were destined to be a Coca-Cola couple! You see, we found out that Brenda's father was a soda jerk at my grandfather's candy store in New York when he was only 14 years old. Her dad still even has one of the antique malted machines that he used four decades ago. I had been drinking Coca-Cola for years before discovering the connection with my wife and had even collected a few Coca-Cola items along the way. Since I found out that her dad served Coke at my grandfather's store, I enjoy collecting even more. Since we've been married, our collection has grown to include music boxes, cans and bottles. Thanks for helping to bring us together!

  • My husband asked me to marry him on Mother's Day evening in 1979. It was 11:30 p.m. We had been out with other couples but instead of drinking alcohol, my future husband drank Coke all evening. After he asked me, we went to his house, called our parents and toasted with -- you guessed it -- Coke. It was all he had in the refrigerator. Years later we now buy Coke stock.

  • I'm French, and I used to live in London. I was flying to Brazil to see my brother. On the plane, I sat next to a gentleman of Chilean nationality who was living in Norway. When the flight attendant came with drinks, I asked for a Diet Coke. She said, "A Coke for you also, sir?" But the man did not understand until I helped, saying, "Coca-Cola?" From then on, we started talking. That was the end of November 2000. We got engaged Easter 2001 and married October 2001. Thank you Coca-Cola!

  • One night I was appointed the designated driver for my group at a bar. I loved drinking Coca-Cola so I ordered it. I went to dance and when I had come back, my Coca-Cola was missing. I soon found out that a beautiful young lady had stolen it from me. When I found her, we started to talk and now that lady is my wife. Thank you Coca-Cola for giving me the two best things in my life: my wife and Coca-Cola!

  • In January 2000, my fiancee (then boyfriend) went on a six-month tour to the Middle East for the U.S. Navy. On his way there, the ship he was on stopped in South Korea. Six weeks after that stop, I received in the mail a "message in a bottle." He had written me a letter, put it in a Coca-Cola bottle from Korea and sent it to me. The bottle, with its letter, sits on my bookshelf still, always there, to remind me that, no matter how far apart we are, life's simple pleasures, like Coca-Cola, can bring us together.

  • My husband and I met when I tried to buy a Coke from a vending machine and dropped my change down a grate. He offered change from his pocket, our eyes met and the rest is history. We sipped Coke and talked and got to know each other. We've been married 31 years!

  • My boyfriend, Alex, and I were at the prom. He loves Coke, and they weren't serving it there. So he decides to take me, in the middle of our senior prom, to the nearest gas station to buy a Coke! We even took the limo we rented. You can't imagine the looks on the gas station attendants' faces when we pull up in a limo, decked out in our fancy clothes, to buy two bottles of Coke.

  • When I was 13 I played "Spin the Bottle" for the first time with a Coke bottle. As two young people, David and I decided to work on a tight budget for our wedding. We planned everything and our friends helped us out: My bridesmaids sang, my roommate made a cake, and I (the bride) planned the reception. The wedding was like clockwork -- well, almost. Since it was a dry reception, I did not plan on purchasing champagne for the toast. (I assumed the reception hall took care of such things.) So, when the time of the toast was announced, all 120 of our guests had their eyes on us ... and two empty toast glasses. Our groomsmen and bridesmaids ran to their cars to see if they had anything for us to toast to. The show went on, and David and I had our first toast -- he flat Coke, and me to a warm diet Coke. Thanks for the memories!

  • I was dating a young lady who grew up in a very different background than me. We were discussing what we had in common to explain the attraction when she blurted out, "We both like Coke!" Forty-two years later, two children, two grandchildren, the attraction is as strong as ever -- and we still like Coke!

  • I'm 39 years old. I have loved Coke my entire life. I met my second husband in 1998. I work in a small doctor's office in Morgantown, NC. He had just been placed on Route Sales and his new territory included my office. He was working for Coca-Cola out of Hickory, NC. So I guess you can say I fell in love with the Coke man! I called my mother and told her I knew I loved Coke for some reason! Thanks for a wonderful second marriage!

  • I fell in love with a beautiful girl in my hometown. Being in the military, I didn't get to see her every day. I would take leave and drive the 14 hours to Chicago. Every trip, I was accompanied by my 2-liters of Coca-Cola. It refreshed me as I counted the miles sailing by. When I finally proposed to her, we were in a fast-food restaurant enjoying Coke. She got up for a sec, and when she came back, I had put her diamond ring on the straw. Of course, she said yes!

  • In my day you went to the drug store for pharmaceutical supplies, gifts, etc. But we had a soda fountain and many a date took me for my favorite drink -- Coke -- and we always sipped it through a straw to make it last longer. Of course it was a Coca-Cola; they had no other. What a treat for a dating girl!

  • My wife and I were drinking Coke under the stars one night last summer when I asked her to marry me. I'll always remember that.

  • I met my beautiful wife over a bottle of Coke. She spilled the soda on my new clothes!!

  • My husband and I were on our first date and he bought me a Coke. It was a large. As we listened to the band playing from the stage, I was hoping he would ask me to dance. He did! I gulped down that Coke so fast because I couldn't wait to get out on the dance floor. (They were playing a slow song!) Well, he was shocked when he asked for a sip and the cup was empty. Nine years later, on our wedding day, we danced to the same song, and of course, drank Coca-Cola.

  • When my wife and I first met we enjoyed learning new things about each other. I had always had a traditional breakfast like coffee, cereal or eggs. I was surprised and delighted to learn that my new sweetheart awoke to Coca-Cola and cake in the mornings. I remember this as one of the first signs of her individuality and exuberance. It makes me smile to remember the early days of our romance.

  • It was 1972 and I was on my first date. We went to a local pizza parlor, which of course, sells Coca-Cola. Pizza is a messy food, and I was trying to eat it carefully, avoiding any embarrassing gooey cheese messes. When I bent over to get a drink of my Coke, my straw went up my nose. My face was red, my boyfriend laughed, but he still asked me to be his wife several years later.

  • I met my wife thanks to Coke. She worked at a fast food restaurant, and I had liked her for almost three years but never had the courage to talk to her. I finally got the courage one day and went to her work. My first words to her were, "Can I have a large Coke and your phone number?" She gave me both! My husband and I met through Coca-Cola. I was a teenager in the 70s and had purchased the bell-bottom Coke pants and floppy hat.

  • My husband was trying to make small talk with me and wanted to date me and figured he would ask where I got my pants because he wanted them. I ordered them for him. Today we laugh as we look back and see how he used that as an excuse to meet me.

  • I remember the first Coke I had also is the first kiss that I had. I was 7 and her name was Debbie. Not only am I still an avid Coke drinker, but I also married Debbie. We have two kids, and they will be Coke drinkers as well.

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