Coca-Cola is hitting the road this fall to unbottle changemaking solutions to challenges impacting local communities across the U.S. Pop-up community hubs are visiting college campuses and special events through early October to drive awareness and participation in the “Dear Future Community Challenge”, which invites 18 to 24-year-olds across the country to help Coca-Cola deliver a better tomorrow.

Through Oct. 15, 18 to 24-year-olds can submit ideas to tackle 15 community-specific challenges at Coca-Cola and its local bottlers will team up with Coca-Cola Scholars and community partners to evaluate submissions and award $30,000 grants and other resources to change-making ideas. These community leaders will mentor and collaborate with the winners to help make their visions a reality by early 2019.

“Dear Future is an expression of a commitment we've had for many years around empowering the next generation of leaders,” Caren Pasquale Seckler, vice president, social commitment, Coca-Cola North America. “We want to inspire young people across the country to submit their ideas about how to better their hometowns.”

She continued, “At the very beginning, we met with our local bottlers and their community partners and asked them to identify the issues that are most important to their local business and local community,” explains Caren Pasquale Seckler, vice president, social commitment, Coca-Cola North America. “We worked with every market to pinpoint these issues, then connected them to our national #CocaColaRenew priorities and built the program from there.”

The Dear Future Community Challenge tackles 15 locally relevant issues – from recycling in Boston, to getting women and girls involved in public service in Los Angeles, to helping military veterans transition to civilian careers in Dallas. A national challenge focuses on community recycling. Explore the challenge questions for each market.

Dear Future Community Hubs

The Dear Future Community Hubs, which were built using recycled Coca-Cola crates, repurposed wood and metals, are visiting all 15 markets (see the full schedule below). The hubs are designed to drive awareness and participation in the Dear Future Community challenge (attendees can submit their ideas in person), and inspire dialogue about issues that matter to both the local community and country as a whole.

“The Dear Future Community program is about telling our story of positively impacting local communities through our local bottlers and Coca-Cola Scholars,” Pasquale Seckler said. “We like to say this is about sharing our story of ‘the actions we take and the products we make.’ The best way to show our actions is to interact with people in a personal, one-on-one setting – which is how the community hubs were born.”

The challenge is being supported by a series of TV, print and digital ads highlighting Coke’s diverse beverage portfolio and showing how the company and its people are making a difference in local communities. Learn more.

Dear Future Community Hub Tour Schedule

Orlando, Fla: Aug. 21-23

Des Moines, Iowa: Aug. 22-24

Springfield, Mo.: Aug. 27-29

Tuscaloosa, Ala: Aug. 28- Sept. 1

St. Louis, Mo.: Sept. 3-6

Dallas, Texas Sept. 4-6

Chicago, Ill.: Sept. 10-14

Denver, Co.: Sept. 12-14

Phoenix, Ariz.: Sept. 18-20

Boston, Mass.: Sept. 18-21

Los Angeles, Calif.: Sept. 25-27

New York, N.Y.: Sept. 25-28

Portland, Or.: Oct. 2-4

Charlotte, N.C.: Oct. 2-6

Oahu, Hawaii: Oct. 9-11