Coca-Cola Zero Sugar recently hit the shelves in Norway, supported by a multi-channel marketing campaign highlighting that it tastes even more like original Coca-Cola, but without sugar.

The campaign spans TV, outdoor and point-of-sale advertising, digital coupons and social media posts. At the heart of the launch is a sampling drive reaching an estimated 500,000 consumers.

Coca-Cola Norway set up a sampling booth at Oslo's main train station manned by identical twins who confused and delighted passers-by with a double act based on the idea: "It's scary how much it tastes like the original." The fun was captured on a video on Facebook, which has been viewed more than 900,000 times.

For such an important launch, everyone had a role to play, with more than 100 employees from Coca-Cola Norway and across Northern Europe getting involved to build activations and hand out more than 42,000 samples in eight cities over two weeks. By the end of the campaign, when the 500,000 samples of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar have been given out, more than 10 percent of the Norwegian population will have tried the refreshing zero-sugar taste of the newest Coca-Cola.

The marketing team plans additional experiential activations, collaborations with influencers and a wave of new outdoor advertising.

Both national and trade media – including the country's biggest newspapers – covered the launch, with positive reactions to the new taste. 

Norwegian daily VG awarded Coca-Cola Zero Sugar a 5 out of 6 score in its taste test. Additionally, two large media outlets – and – blind-tasted Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Coca-Cola Classic to see if they could distinguish between the two.

Frida Keane, Coke's senior manager of public affairs and communications for Norway, Sweden and Iceland, explains: "We encouraged journalists to blind-test Coca-Cola and compare it to Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. We were somewhat overwhelmed by the response and engagement. Several of the largest media houses carried out blind tests among their journalists, which they filmed and shared online. The reach and sharing of these videos exceeded our expectations."

Line Sjotun, Coke Trademark brand manager for Norway, adds: "The engagement we have seen here, when we come together as a system, enables us to execute with excellence. It's very rewarding to see that our hard work has led to such great results."