The introduction of the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is proving a hit as it launches across Europe. One of the latest markets to experience its great sugar-free taste is France, where Coca-Cola created a buzz around the brand by rolling out an ingenious sampling drive with taxi service Uber.

Earlier this month, 50 Coca-Cola Zero Sugar-branded Uber cars toured the streets of Paris, Lyon, Lille, Marseille and Bordeaux, surprising unsuspecting passengers with free samples. And to add to the fun, the team got French TV personality Camille Combal onboard to drive an Uber.


The team also set up Coca-Cola Zero Sugar sampling hotspots in Paris and Lille. Promo teams hit the streets in vans, tricycles and trucks, handing out samples to passers-by.

In Paris, Coca-Cola France also came up with an especially creative way to deliver samples into the hands of key influencers, by deploying 15 "unicorn" horses. Using a unique code via the Uber app, they could order a personal horseback delivery of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar mini-cans.

The sampling drive created an instant buzz on social media, scoring an estimated 12.2 million views across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. The activation saw particularly strong numbers on Twitter, where the hashtag #UberZero became a trending topic.

The special "unicorn" deliveries proved a popular topic of conversation, doubling online consumer engagement compared to other sampling drives in France. Campaign influencers Camille Combal and Matthieu Delormeau, another French TV host, further boosted campaign awareness as they shared updates with their combined 3.8 million online followers.