The Louvre in Paris is home to many works of world-renowned artists throughout history. In 1999, the Louvre opened the Musée de la Publicité, the world’s first museum dedicated to advertising. This year, the Musée de la Publicité is adding Coca-Cola’s 2013 film, “Roll Out Happiness.”

In the “Where Will Happiness Strike Next?” installment, Coca-Cola transforms a concrete city square in Lithuania into a lush, green park and invited passers-by to take off their shoes, relax, and enjoy an unexpected moment of happiness. Learn more.

The installment, created in conjunction with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, was a huge hit. "Feeling the grass under your feet is one of life's little pleasures,” says Mark Bernath, executive creative director, Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. “Provoking people to get that feeling and using one of life's other little pleasures, a Coke, as bait created a nice and surprising double dose of unexpected happiness.”

"Where Will Happiness Strike Next?" debuted in the United States in January 2010 when a Coca-Cola vending machine dispensed pizza, flowers and other fun surprises on a college campus in New York. Since then, the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine has garnered more than 5 million views on YouTube and has inspired spin off work like the Coca-Cola Happiness Truck, the Happiness Store and many more.

Displaying the best examples of advertising from television, film, posters, and radio, Musée de la Publicité provides insight into modern discipline. The film, which you can check out below, will be featured in the Louvre staring early next year.

“We’ve seen the film ‘Roll Out Happiness’ for Coca-Cola and we found it fabulous,” said Axelle Baroin, curator of commercials, Musée de la Publicité. “It made a strong impression on the museum. This film exudes joy. It is good and very positive. From gray, the film takes us to a colorful world… green grass, blue sky... it exudes happiness and serenity.”