Brent Wilton, director of workplace rights for The Coca-Cola Company, ranks No. 37 on the Top 100 Human Trafficking & Slavery Influence Leaders List. The list recognizes global leaders across government, civil society and the private sector who are working to reduce human trafficking and slavery.

By increasing public awareness of these issues, advocating for supply chain education and helping companies meet their responsible sourcing goals, these 100 individuals are helping shape the future of responsible supply chains and protecting fair treatment of people around the world.

Human and workplace rights have long been a passion of Wilton, who prior to joining Coca-Cola served as the Secretary General of the International Organization of Employers (IOE) – a network of businesses and employer organizations that focus on labor standards and human rights. At Coca-Cola, he ensures the company and its bottling partners, who operate in more than 200 countries and territories, abide by the company’s Human Rights Policy and Supplier Guiding Principles. He has a particularly strong focus on anti-trafficking efforts globally.

“Respect for human rights is fundamental to the sustainability of our company, our associates, and the communities where we operate. In our company, across our system, and in our supply chain, we are committed to ensuring people are treated with dignity and respect. This respect is core to our social license to operate,” said Wilton. “At Coca-Cola, we have taken a leadership role in the human and workplace rights space. I speak broadly about Coca-Cola’s expectations of our suppliers and we continuously work to equip our partners with tools to better understand those expectations and how to meet them. We aim to demonstrate by example what a good company is as well as how a good company can be good for communities.”

At the end of 2016, 89 percent of The Coca-Cola Company-owned facilities were compliant with its Human Rights Policy. The company is fully committed to bringing all plants into full compliance and to reaching the target of 98 percent compliance by 2020. Regarding the Supplier Guiding Principles, 89 percent of the company’s bottling partners and 90 percent of its direct suppliers have achieved compliance.

The Top 100 Human Trafficking and Slavery Influence Leaders List was independently curated by Lucas Taylor of LDT Consulting, on behalf of Assent Compliance. See the full list here. Learn more about The Coca-Cola Company’s Human and Workplace Rights policies, projects and progress here.