COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd. recently kicked off production at the 45th Coca-Cola bottling plant in China. As the largest Coca-Cola bottler in North China, the world-class plant will serve growing demand for the company's diverse beverage portfolio in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area.

Xiaodong Wang, vice governor of Hebei Province, James Quincey, president and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, and Shuanglian Zhao, chairman of the COFCO Corporation, attended the grand opening celebration.

Wang applauded the long-term efforts of COFCO Coca-Cola to boost the economic development and cultural prosperity of the Hebei Province. "This cooperation between these two parties not only shows the great recognition COFCO and The Coca-Cola Company has given us in a variety of services and the support that the government has provided, but also demonstrates that COFCO Coca-Cola’s high-quality beverages are popular among consumers in the region,” he said. “I believe that COFCO Coca-Cola N.C. will achieve even better performance by building upon previous cooperation between the two sides and making an even greater contribution to regional development."

North China bottling plant

Quincey added, “This is another great milestone in the history of cooperation between Coca-Cola and COFCO to build this plant and put COFCO Coca-Cola N.C. into production, and it also represents our long-term commitment to cultivating the Chinese market. As the world’s leading total beverage company, Coca-Cola is dedicated to providing consumers globally with a comprehensive selection of high quality beverages. As the world’s third-largest market for Coca-Cola, China represents a most significant opportunity for us, and I am confident in the outlook of the Chinese market. We will continue to work together with the COFCO Corporation to create more valuable products for Chinese consumers through continuous innovation.”

North China bottling plant

COFCO Coca-Cola N.C. is located in Xianghe in the Hebei Province. Spaning 200 acres, the plant is designed to have nine production lines with an annual capacity of 250 million unit cases. The company has invested 500 million RMB in the project's phase in 2017, building a 65,000-sq.-meter plant. Three production lines were installed primarily for the Ice Dew, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta and other products. In the future, the plant will gradually expand production to beverage other categories.