We have received quite a few request to research Coca-Cola and food, both as a product that enhances meals at home and in restaurants and also as an ingredient in cooking.  While I posted a recipe for spicy ribs a couple of weeks ago, we are going to make Coke and food an ongoing topic of the blog in the coming months. 

From a very early period in our history, we advertised that Coca-Cola was a great complement to any meal.  Many of the early scenes at soda fountains contained scenes with Coke and food.  However, once the product was bottled and as home refrigeration increased, the volume of Coca-Cola food advertising increased.

I wanted to share some of these early ads with you.  This first batch of images will show advertising until 1939.  It is interesting to see the variety and types of food used in the advertising.

W6440-lo - 1916 1916 Hot Dogs make an early appearance

W0626-lo - 1928 1928, great with a sandwich

ES008662-lo - 1930 1930, I wonder what this is? Raisin bread?

W0670-lo - 1939  W0671-lo - 1939 W0672-lo - 1939 Interesting series from 1939.