Sega Game Gear I recently attended a "gaming" summit at The Coca-Cola Company.  As part of the background for some of our marketing colleagues, I had pulled some of the early games from the Archives.  While our board games date back to the the 1930s, the team was particularly interested in one of the games our Japanese business produced.

The game was a for a special edition of the Sega Game Gear system introduced in Japan in 1994.  The Sega Game Gear was an early competitor to the Nintendo Game Boy system.  We were looking at some of the technical specification of the game and system.  It boasted an entire 8KB of ram memory and 16KB of video memory.  Most electronic watches are more data intense these days. 

The best part of the meeting was when we loaded batteries into the system and it still worked, allowing my colleague who read Japanese to play the game.