We recently received a note and some photographs from a student named Jackie Marion.  She had created a guitar and wanted to share her story on the blog.  The note below is what she wrote about the project.

Here is how this guitar came to life:
“A few months ago, during my junior year, a few of my art teachers introduced me to a contest for a local shopping center “The Avenues of Forsyth”. The contest was to see who could make the best sculpture out of only recycled materials! Items could be cans, to bottles, and anything else you'd find in your recycling bin.

Music is a really important aspect of my life. I grew up around it and it continues to shape my life today. So, when our art class brainstormed ideas for our sculptures, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. A life size guitar! I worked on it a little bit each day, finding cans, cardboard, and circuit board pieces to complete it. A few cuts and scrapes later, my product was complete and I entered the contest.
I was awarded 1st place Best in Show, and $300 dollars in gift cards to stores of my choosing.

I hope that you like it and that you can find some use for it at Coca-Cola.”

Guitar1   Guitar2   Guitar3   Guitar4 

Congratulations Jackie, we love the story and the photos.