Earlier this week I blogged about efforts of two students at Nebraska Wesleyan to give the world a Coke because of their love of the old commercial.  That spirit of giving on campus continues with today's entry.

This Coca-Cola viral video was filmed in December at St. John's University's Queens campus by Definition 6, an integrated interactive marketing agency.  The staging for the video came complete with the construction of a wall built and painted to look like part of the University’s Marillac Cafeteria. Hidden cameras were installed as producers and staff sat behind the wall to capture responses on film.

While the students quickly figured out that something unusual was going on with the magical Coca-Cola "Happiness Machine," all of the reactions were unscripted.  The filming, which took place at the beginning of exams,  offered a chance for the kids to relax and enjoy the fun. 

The best part of the filming was the generosity of the students as they offered the surplus Coke and food to their friends.  Everyone was sharing the happiness.