Coke Red 2 I recently received a comment in the blog mailbox from Doris Treptow, Professor of Fashion at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), bringing the work of one of her students to our attention.  We reached out to the student, Hannah Long to see if she would let us showcase her design.  Hannah agreed and gave the following information about her project:

"I am thrilled that you chose my InspriRED dress for a blog feature. Below are some more details about the dress. I was inspired to make the dress out of Coke cans because of the bold, red logo of Coca-Cola Classic. The dress contains approximately 50 recycled cans. After experimenting with different placements, I found that it is most striking as a shawl. The shattered mirror pieces were strategically placed to mimic the easily recognizable image of the Coca-Cola logo. I Coke Red 4 used the Classic elegance of the Coca-Cola Script combined with the fun theme "Enjoy Coca-Cola" to  create the atmosphere in the photo shoot. The dress was put on display in the InspiRED exhibition at SCAD in May.

Coca-Cola is always adapting to the ever-changing culture of our society. Fashion has a way of linking generations and different cultures in a similar way.  The fusion of Coca-Cola and the fashion industry has historically been and will continue to be an agent of change."

Designer - Hannah Long 
Photographer- Mathias Hungler
Model- Nikki De Luca

Long is a sophomore studying fashion at SCAD-Savannah. For more information, visit .