Coke Recyclable Easy Goer Lightweight Plastic Bottle - 1975 You may have heard about the combination of the Coke contour bottle and the famous Navy Chair by leading furniture manufacturer Emeco to create a new chair made from at least 111 recycled plastic bottles in the news recently. With this being the week of Earth Day, I thought I'd share another highlight from our history involving packaging innovation. Coke introduced lightweight plastic bottles in 1975 with the “Easy-Goer” Lightweight Plastic Bottle after more than ten years of testing.

Six of the easy to carry, recyclable bottles were lighter than one glass bottle of comparable size, and one of the bottles even weighed less than marshmellows! The bottles also used less energy than glass bottles in the entire manufacturing and transporting cycle. The slogan for the bottle was “Lift It...You’ll Love it.” The same amount of Coke was packaged in the smaller “Easy-Goer” bottles as the larger glass bottles due to the thinner, stronger plastic walls, and this package was easily recycled. A recycling program was developed that extended the useful life of the bottle’s material utilizing local recycling centers for collection of the “Easy-Goer” containers for subsequent reprocessing into new bottles. Some of you collectors probably have a few of these bottles in your collection.

Coke Recyclable Easy Goer Lightweight Plastic Bottles