Movie Popcorn BagOur Coca-Cola Great Britain website recently launched a section that highlighted movies or television programming that had some of our products featured.  It is a pretty interesting list and made me wonder what older movies had a Coke presence.  I visited the Harley Davidson Museum several  years ago and they had a great section on all the movies with Harley's, and when we were building the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, we considered creating a film reel with many of the scenes, but could not get the rights to the clips. If we could get the rights to any movies we wanted, what film clips with Coca-Cola would you like to see?  I will start, I would want:
  • Dr. Strangelove - the scene where they shoot the vending machine to get the change
  • The Gods Must Be Crazy- Coke bottle from the sky
  • Independence Day - Scene where they tries to shoot the Coke can with the shield up
What movies can you think of?