Spotify Can

Spotify Cans

Last year, The Coca-Cola Company announced a global partnership with Spotify, a digital music service that provides on demand streaming of millions of songs.  As part of the partnership, Coca-Cola developed Placelist a new social music app hosted on Spotify’s free streaming music platform.  The app lets fans see where friends are checked in on Facebook, listen to other Placelists and zoom in on locations around the world – from a neighborhood café or park, to Copacabana beach in Rio, to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Users can add tracks to an existing Placelist, vote songs up the queue or create a new Placelist for a specific location.  


This is all cool, but what does it have to do with the Coca-Cola Archives?  Well, we are huge music fans and created a Coke Archives Placelist.  Every musical act that appears on the Placelist also appeared in a Coca-Cola Company ad.  I had a fun afternoon creating a list of musical acts including Lillian Nordica, Glen Miller, The Limeliters, The Who, Elton John, RUN-DMC, Selena and even a comedy routine by Bill Cosby.  You can virtually visit the music vault in our Archives and listen to some of the musical greats who have appeared in Coca-Cola Company ads over the years. 

We only started the list with forty musical acts, and now we are inviting you to add more.  Just think of an artist who appeared in an ad, search for a song of theirs on Spotify and click the add button to add it to our Placelist.

For the can collectors out there, keep your eyes open for the Spotify slim can that was introduced in England last week.  They look pretty cool.  I am trying to get some for the Archives collection. ^TR