Today I’m sharing one of the stories people tell us about the role Coca-Cola has played in their lives.

A lot of people remember the glass Coke bottles growing up, remember spending time enjoying a Coke with their families and remember the nickel Coke. In many cases, spending 5 cents on a Coke gave the perfect break in the day, and provided the perfect moment of refreshment.

My mother has often told me about her father and his dedication to his family and how he did without himself to provide for their needs.

During the depression and World War II, my grandfather worked in a cotton mill in North Carolina. The mill was not air-conditioned, and the Southern summer heat made working in the hot machine-filled, lint-covered mill almost unbearable.

It was my mother's once-a-week job to bring Grampy a luxury that helped him endure the hard conditions of the mill. One nickel a week brought cool refreshment that was a true luxury: one ice cold Coca-Cola from the company store.

Mother always coveted that sweating glass bottle with its rare treat inside, but she also took pride in bringing it to her father when she watched the sweat trickling its way through the grease and lint rings around his grimy neck as he savored his drink. Coca-Cola was a true refreshment, a treat that made hot, grueling work in the textile factory bearable!

Do you have a Coca-Cola story? I’d love to hear it!